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“ Organic growth is my passion. As an organic group, we need to be a strong voice of information for the consumer, the producer, the politician and every prospective participant in the organic field. A collection program is a simple and fair way to generate the funds needed to lobby the issue for all.”
— Rita K. Felder-Kaufmann, CEO, Field Farms Marketing Ltd.

Together, we can grow Ontario organic to 5% in 5 years! The first step is making and Organic Check-off reality. To do so, we must complete the process to gain designation as a Representative Association under Section 12 of the Farm Products Marketing Act. One requirement is the endorsement of at least 50% of all organic producers in Ontario. Fill out the form below to add your endorsement to the list!

Are you a producer of products that are certified as organic (are you a producer who holds an organic certificate)?
If you are not an organic producer, please select your relationship to the organic value chain:
Is your business a member of a marketing board or commodity association?
To which marketing board or commodity association do you pay fees?
Do you endorse the Check-Off Proposal?
Do you consent to the public sharing of your endorsement through the Grow Ontario Organic website and other channels for the promotion of this initiative? (If you have endorsed the plan but do not want you endorsement shared publicly, it will still count towards our petition of support)
Would you like to be added to our mailing list for timely updates on this initiative?

Below is a list of folks who have already endorsed the plan. Add your name to the list by filling out the form!

Robert Douglas Halliday

Liveoak Organic

Marshall King

Ontario Organic Farmers Co-operative

Wayne alof

Organic hall foods inc

Marcelle Paulin

Sleepy G Farm

Morris Van De Walle

Vandeholm Farms Ltd.

Anastasia Sparling

Fairmount Fields Organics

Bernd Portz

On Top of the World Organic Inc.

Brook Scott

Village Market Waldorf Thornhill

Martin De Groot

Mapletons Organic Dairy

Morris Van De Walle

Vandeholm Farms Ltd.

Robert Fleischauer

Golden Acres Farm

Steven Ardron

Kuntz Forestry Consulting

Uli Hack

Hack Farm

Vince De Dell

De Dell Seeds

The check-off proposal is based on the feedback of more than 600 respondents and extensive market research, but we’re always open to new insights! Share your ideas, critiques, and/or questions through the form below.

Since 2015, the Organic Council of Ontario has partnered with organic buyers and aggregators to pilot the “Grow Ontario Collection” program. This is a voluntary check-off model in which partners collect a small fee from their suppliers and customers, then remit it to OCO. The support of Grow Ontario Collectors has been critical in growing the capacity of OCO while we work on building the capacity of our entire sector! Through the pilot program, Grow Organic Collectors become Leading Members with OCO and receive tangible benefits. Their suppliers and customers can also receive Supporting Member benefits as a result of the program. Learn how you can become a Collector. If you'd like to contribute to the immediate growth of the organic sector, read along:

About the Program

THANK YOU to Our Current Grow Organic Collectors


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